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Economic Recession: Why Is Sani Abacha The Only Former Head State Giving Back To Nigeria?

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Economic Recession: Why Is Sani Abacha The Only Fo.. by Gboyega Adedeji on 5:23 pm Wednesday, 05 July 2017      229 Views

We are fully aware that Nigeria “gained” independence in 1960; and from that time till date; Nigeria has been governed (ruled or used or abused or misused) by at least, 13 men. Out of that 13, only 5 were “elected” into office – the rest ceased power through coup d’etat.

For anyone who cares to know, there has been no time in the history of Nigeria that any of these men did not do one thing or the other for the country; however, the economy of Nigeria has been the biggest victim of our political evolution.

Out of the 13 men that have ruled (and in some cases, used) this nation; 8 are alive and are “flourishing” in their various states in the country. The question that comes to my mind is; “Why has none of these 8 men decided to GIVE Nigeria some millions of dollars or even billions of dollars out of the “benefits” Nigeria GAVE them while in office?” Also, “Why is General Sani Abacha the only person returning money back to Nigeria out of 13 total men?” or “Are we insinuating that General Sani Abacha was the only man that GOT something OUT of Nigeria?”

If the truth must be told, everyone who has led Nigeria from the 1960s to 2016 should voluntarily come out to GIVE BACK to Nigeria at such a time as this!

I believe that the patriotism of the past Heads of States in Nigeria; from General Yakubu Gowon (who said our problem wasn’t money, but how to spend it) to General Ibrahim Babangida, to Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan and to the incumbent President Muhammadu Buhari; could be the saving factor that will #BringBackOurNationalTreasure! I rest my case for now!


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