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Nigerian Economy: Why Not Much Has Changed Under President Buhari’s Administration

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Nigerian Economy: Why Not Much Has Changed Under P.. by Gboyega Adedeji on 5:04 pm Wednesday, 05 July 2017      168 Views

If you take a careful look at the picture above; you would see the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria talking and laughing while reading the newspaper. If you take a walk outside your workplace or house and move through the streets; you will see Nigerians that ought to be producing what we eat as a nation, talking, shouting and cursing while reading the newspapers – indeed, people do what people see.

While I do not canvass for immaturity in government; I still fear inactivity or little activity in government; due to old age of the persons in government. Come to think of it; while many nations thrive on the drive of their national leaders for growth and development, Nigeria has become slow on the path of economic growth and steady on the train to national economic collapse.

We are a nation that prides ourselves in our latest the technology of whatever we use are (from our wrist watches to our cars); yet, we hardly lift our fingers to farm what we eat, write what we read; and produce what we use. We are a consuming nation. Guess what, what do you use to eat? Is it not mouth? What do you use to talk? Is it not mouth too? It then means that while our governments across all levels and arms preoccupy themselves with TALKING (about the need for change); we the people preoccupy ourselves with EATING. In both cases, our mouths are busy!

The question then is, “How Can This National Tide Be Turned?” The answer in my opinion is that the Federal Government, being the “National leader” must be SEEN working, carrying, lifting, moving, sharpening, cleaning, running, helping, thinking and writing. While those things might be digested literally by them; I would admonish that they go beyond literal meanings of the words to uncovering their implications. When FG leads the way in action-orientation; the people will be doers of great things.

In the Bible, King David wrote, “Your people shall be volunteers in the day of Your power….” (Psalms 110:3). If you think a bit on those words, you would discover that the reason for complacency among the Nigerian workforce is not far from the INACTIVITY of the Federal Government of Nigeria. Guess how long it took before the Federal Cabinet was constituted? Guess how long it took before men and women that “belief” in the CHANGE agenda of the current administration took over major agencies of government?

Here is a lesson; the work of Fathers is not meant for the Grandfathers. When we realize that the strength of any nation is in her youths; we would begin to find a path for true growth and development in Nigeria.


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