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The Irony of Nigeria’s Federal Government Jobs-Jobs-Jobs Promises

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The Irony of Nigeria’s Federal Government Jobs-J.. by Gboyega Adedeji on 5:18 pm Wednesday, 05 July 2017      249 Views

It is certain that nations do not attain greatness from their wishing-seats; neither do nations become great overnight – For Rome was not built in a day. It is also a known fact that most nations developed on the efforts (labour) of a large number of people.

The responsibility of every government from the ancient times till date the welfare of their own people; while their people make concerted efforts towards the growth and development of their nation or Kingdom. It is actually a two-way journey! However, the experience of most Nigerians for a long time now is far from the ideal. So many Nigerians do not understand at the moment, what it means to be catered for by the government. The love of Nigeria is become daily eroded in the minds of countless youths due to the seaming abandonment of their lots by their beloved governments across regimes and administrations.

I once read in the 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene that a “leader” should SPEAK so much about change, but should change things very slowly or gradually to remain relevant to the people. That idea of prolonged promises for prolonged relevance seems to be the best concept ever conceived or adopted by the successive governments of Nigeria. How long will all that be allowed by Nigerians is the most important question!

This present administration under the leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari came up at a time when Nigeria was in serious chaos – from the religious angle to the political and to the economical – we have been literally robbed as a people of decent living and leading. The current administration came with so much promises – I remember that the then publicity Secretary of the All Progressive Congress, who is now Minister of Information of the Federal Government of Nigeria; spent most of his time emphasizing the readiness of their party and the Presidential candidate of the party to Create Jobs! He said, we are committed to Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!

While I did not doubt him, I would also want Nigerians to put his promises in proper context and perhaps, ask him more questions at the end of his tenure in government. The unemployment rate before the emergence of President Muhammadu Buhari was at I level we must admit. Since his emergence, I can comfortably state that more Nigerians have lost their jobs – in their millions! The issue now is, how many Nigerians will this administration be able to create jobs for  within the remain 3 year period? Will the percentage of Nigerians to be employed during the life of this government, be greater than the percentage of Nigerians laid off?

The essence of this review to help every Nigerian put things into proper perspective; and to help the current administration in tracking their performance as a government under serious oath to the people of Nigeria. The truth is, people are out of jobs – the current level of employment in Nigeria is close to what I can confidently refer to as underemployment of the employed population. Yet, the best resources for the development of any nation is not natural resources; but human resources. Many developed nations in the world today are “poor” in their natural resource endowments; but very rich in their human resource endowment. The more we therefore value our human resource endowments; the more we are able to appropriate them for maximum national transformation and true economic development. I rest my case for now!


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