Work Began on What Was to Become Path of Exile

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Work Began on What Was to Become Path of Exile


The beta is not scheduled to get underway until 2020. So it's going to be a very long wait, but the game will feature two full campaigns, including all of the content which was available from the original POE Currency plus the additional seven-arc effort, 19 classes, and all the new graphical advancements, weapons, items, places, and monsters.

However, its development's seeds were first planted in an unlikely location -- a high school library. At ExileCon 2019, Erik Olofsson, Jonathan Rogers, Grinding Gear Games founders Chris Wilson and writer Nick Kolan sat down to discuss the heritage and continuing success of Path of Exile from its beginnings.

When discussing the inspiration for the match, Managing Director Chris Wilson remembered a time in high school where he learned coding through Microsoft QuickBASIC about the library computers. As Wilson describes it, this led to a meeting.

The love eventually transformed to launch a match also in 2006, work began on what was to Buy POE orbs become Path of Exile. The founding principle, Wilson explained, was the notion that,"everyone was dreadful at action RPGs, and [they] could earn a good one" Despite this, Wilson acknowledged pervasive feelings of being knowledgeable and less experienced compared to giants of the industry.