BMW is developing a Steering Wheel that Changes Shape while Driving

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BMW is developing a Steering Wheel that Changes Shape while Driving

The German automaker is working on an innovative steering wheel, a patent for which can already be found on the Web.

BMW has patented a special mechanically transformable steering wheel, writes the foreign edition of AutoExpress. The creation of this revolutionary governing body of the German automaker was pushed by a study of scientists from Stanford University, which was carried out three years ago. Specialists were interested in the issue of notification of the transition from autonomous to manual mode of movement. Two systems were tested for this, having formed a working group for each. The first tested a robotic steering wheel capable of changing its geometry, the second tested the classic LED technology.

It turned out that the mechanical transformation of the steering wheel is much more effective than visual alerts.

For autonomous cars, this is a very useful discovery, because in emergency situations, when you can not do without driver intervention, the speed of reaction to a warning comes first.

The new BMW steering wheel can transform from round to oval right when driving. Thus, he warns the motorist about changing the autonomous control mode to manual. Innovative development is unlikely to be presented next year with the serial BMW iNEXT. At the same time, auto experts do not exclude the possibility that in a few years this technology on Bavarian models will receive the status of mandatory.

BMW 316 Touring or an “evil” car from the past

The guys from the tuning company Castro Motorsports, which is engaged in the modernization of serial Bavarian brand cars, presented a 540-horsepower version of the old BMW 316 Touring station wagon.

The BMW 3 Series with its internal designation E30 has a special place in the hearts of motorists. For many, this is the best model of the Bavarian brand in its history. Now, a high-performance version of this model in good condition can be bought for $ 30,000 or 2,367,750 rubles. If you do not want to spend a fortune on a “charged” car of the 1990s, there is always another option.

Atelier Castro Motorsports, which is engaged in tuning production BMW models, built an amazing copy of the M3 316 station wagon of the 1991 model. The new AutotopiaLA YouTube video talks about the project, and here's what you need to know about the car before watching the video.

Under the hood is a supercharged BMW S54 engine, which has been heavily modified and now delivers about 540 hp

Auto weighs about 1360 kilograms. It is also worth mentioning that the six-cylinder engine is connected to a six-speed manual gearbox, created in 2001-2006 and used in the "treshka" version 330i.

The station wagon will receive large brakes from the M3 (E36). The car now stands on 215/40 R17 wheels, on which BBS Style 19 tires from the BMW 5 Series 2001-2003 are “shod”. The cabin has air conditioning and sports leather seats.