OSRS Holy Grail Quick Reference

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To begin, you must talk to King Arthur at Camelot. This quest has an official difficulty level of intermediate.

Holy Grain is a quest in Old School RuneScape (OSRS). This quest is part 2 of the Camelot quest series where you must assist King Arthur to be able to find the holy the grail. What is the reason we need to search for the holy grail? It is because it misses from its location in Entrana. The Fisher King of the Fisher Realm protects it.

The Specifics of The Quest

To begin, you must talk to King Arthur at Camelot. This quest has an official difficulty level of intermediate. The duration of this quest is classified as medium. These are the prerequisites for this quest.

The Crystal of Merlin's Crystal
20 Attack
You must be able beat the level 120 Black Knight Titan
Excalibur is the item that is required However, we suggest:

Armour, a weapon or a certain amount of food
Camelot Teleport, Ardougne Teleport and Falador Teleport
Charged glory amulet that speeds up your travel time to Entrana or Draynor
60 coins
Antipoison (when below 41 combat)
Charged combat bracelet you'll use to Ranging Guild teleport for holy napkin
Draynor manor Teleport allows for quick travel to obtain whistles
King Arthur takes his knights on a quest to find the Holy Grail. For more information Knights of the Round Table must go to King Arthur.

The Walkthrough of Holy Grail Quest

Follow the below walkthrough to successfully complete the quest.

The first thing that you have to do is to teleport yourself to Camelot.
After that, talk to King Arthur. King Arthur will inform you about the holy grail.
Now, you have to talk to Merlin. He is located on the first floor, in the room with an aluminized cauldron. You can go up the main staircase and then head to the room to the east. You should note that the yellow dot on the minimap won't be visible until you are inside the room. Merlin will ask you where to go in order to speak to someone on Entrana or Sir Galahad located to the west of McGrubor's Wood.
This will require you to get to Entrana.
The High Priest should be in touch with the chapel.
Then, you must go to the house of Galahad west of McGrubor's Wood. The fairy-ring code is the letter a*l*s.
You must speak to Galahad and get the sacred table napkin. To complete a simple diary entry, you'll have to speak with Galahad once more.
Now, you have to go to Draynor Manor's southern room on the top floor and find two magical whistles. It is crucial to be aware that they will not appear as an red dot on your minimap until you are into the southern room.
In this stage you will need to acquire armor, Excalibur and food to fight the Black Knight Titan. You are allowed to utilize a different weapon for the majority of the fight and then Excalibur can be found in the last hist. Note that he will heal to full health in the event that your last attack was with something other than the Excalibur.
It is now time to go to the northwest of Brimhaven, to reach the northern part of the peninsula.
You must stand beneath the tower, and then blow a magic whistle to be teleported to the Fisher Realm.
This requires you to be able to fight the Black Knight Titan on the bridge. Then , you'll have to defeat it with Excalibur.
Take a trip to the south of the river, then you can speak with the Fisherman.
You must visit the castle, southwest of the fisherman. Then, collect the Grail bell off the ground and ring it. You must ensure that you stand on the bricks for access to the castle.
Now, you need to speak with Fisher King upstairs.
Then, you have to go to Camelot and speak to King Arthur.
Go to Goblin Village.
In this stage, you need to use the Open option for the sacks located in the house located on the east side of Goblin Village.
It is necessary to talk to Sir Percival and here you will need a magic whistle.
You must return to the Fisher Realm. You can either travel through Brimhaven, or use the fairy ring code B*j*r. There is no need to fight the Titan for the second time.
It is necessary to climb up to the very top of the eastern tower and then get the Holy Grain.
You can now go back to King Arthur.
You will receive the Holy Grail Quest reward

There are numerous rewards to be earned if you complete the Holy Grail quest. Here's the list of rewards.
You will receive two quest points.
You will be blessed with 11,000 prayer experiences.
You will get 15,300 defense experience.
You'll be able to access the Fisher Realm.
You'll be able to put King Arthur image on the wall using the construction skill.
About Black Knight Titan That You Must Defeat In This Quest

You have to take on Black Knight Titan, as you can see. What is the look of this beast? He is extremely strong at his level. He has attacks, however, they are slow and are not very precise. It is recommended to fight him using Melee as he is very Ranged and Magic defence.

This titan is immobile. You may be able employ a hit-and-run method to get rid of the titan. Besides, you are able to make use of a halberd two squares to attack him without needing to take the risk of taking.

You will get one experience per point of damage you do to the player. You must also be able to fight him whenever you want Sir Percival to be king.